By Stephen


I understand that power is made up by people of different anchorites. It can vary from money to government ranking and even resources.
In the Guatemala simulation the USA had the most power because they had more resources, more money, and more people which made them able to be like a big brother that pushes people around.


A real world example would be the Cold War. It was really a bunch of mad people arguing and using threats that gave them power but they never used it. Then it all ended when political movements that pushed the soviet union to the edge.


The enduring and understanding applies to different governments. For example a democracy government gives the people lots of rites and freedom allowing the people to have power while a dictatorship restricts your freedoms and rights giving you no power.
The power and freedom along with rights that you have depend on you. If you get into trouble you loose rights and if you are to speak up you can increase your power.