Moroccan Morocco

5th richest country in African


The culture of Morocco has changed between the years,the Moroccans has accepted many new cultures like the Arabs,Phoenicians,South Sub africans,and spanish country's.They also have the andalusians both Muslims and Jewish.

Govermntal facts

The government of Morocco is constitutional monarchy,the Moroccans got there independence on March 2,1956 from France.You will not be a citizen of morocco just by being born there.The Gross Domestic Product of Morocco is 259.2 billion (2004 est). The Gross Domestic Product per Capita is 7800.The population of Morocco is 33 million.A citizen of Morocco becomes an adult at the age of 18 years old. Morocco's slogan is the country that travels within you.

The Flag of Morcco

Morocco Attractions

Some very popular attractions are the Atlas mountains,the Moroccans imperial cities,and many more
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