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Issue 4 - Critique

This week's issue focuses on critique and the process of re-drafting. The inspiration for this issue came from reading 'An Ethic of Excellence' by Ron Berger coupled with seeing him speak live here in the UK. Berger's work on creating beautiful work and student pride is sweeping the UK right now. His core belief is that to truly engage students, there must be an audience for their work and that taking time producing beautiful work creates pride and motivation in young people.

The Origins

The following video of 'Austin's Butterfly' has now become one of today's most effective illustrations of the student critique and re-drafting process. Berger's video shows the foundations behind his work on critique. The simplicity of the video highlights how easy, yet incredibly effective this method is to bring into any classroom.
critique and feedback - the story of austin's butterfly - Ron Berger

The Rules

David Fawcett, Learning Innovator at Brookfield Community School in Southampton, spells out the essential steps you need to take in your classroom in order to create a culture where student critique is the norm.

Read David's blog post - 'Creating a Culture of Critique'

The Students

Rachel Moody, PE subject leader at the Education Village in Darlington, describes how she has used a 'Carousel Feedback' technique to engage her students in a culture of critique.

Read Rachel's blog post - 'Carousel Feedback in Peer Assessment'

The Parents

Matt Bebbington, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator from Wilmslow High School in Cheshire, has taken the public critique process one step further by inviting students and parents to compare their work against their peers during a 'presentation of learning night'.

Read Matt's blog post - 'Presentation of learning, Parents evening with a twist'

Ron Berger - An Ethic of Excellence

To purchase Ron Berger's book, 'An Ethic of Excellence', follow this link.

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