SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

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Sept. 28 Turn in Booth & Raffle Items to Kim

Sept. 29 8:15 ARD for HO Fedde, Ivans, McQueen

Sept. 29 2:15 ARD for SB Fedde, Steigleder, S. Brockett, M. Wells, Barnett

Sept. 29 3:40 Tech Tuesday - Classroom website basics

Sept. 30 PLC - College T-shirt Day

Oct. 2 Ft. Worth Opera Performance 9:00 PK-2 10:00 3-5

Oct. 2 Send home raffle tickets

Oct. 6 8:15 ARD for CM Fedde, Ivans, McQueen, Steigleder

Oct. 6 1:15 ARD for ES Fedde, Ivans, Watson

Oct. 6 3:40 Tech Tuesday - Seesaw

Oct. 7 Cross Country Meet and Fun Run

Oct. 7 3 week reports

Oct. 12 Staff Development Day

Oct. 12-16 STAR Assessment Week - Please give STAR Reading, Math and Early Literacy

Oct. 16 End of the 1st nine weeks

Oct. 17 Fall Festival

Oct. 22 1:30 Early Dismissal

Oct. 23 1:30 Early Dismissal

Oct. 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 27 Tech Tuesday - Chromebook extension

Oct. 29 8:15 ARD for CR Fedde, Ivans, S. Brockett, McQueen, Barnett

Oct. 30 Kindergarten Field Trip

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  • Remember to turn in your booth and raffle items to Kim on Monday. Also, if you need to order prizes or a raffle item, please get your purchase request in ASAP.
  • Mrs. Koleber and the PALs are almost ready to start. The referral forms are in the teacher's lounge beside the marker board.
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Prayers needed....

  • Please pray for Denise Parr's mom. The doctors are still doing tests trying to figure out what the best course of action is.
  • Keep Mr. Reed in your prayers. He has still not been released to return to work. He has another evaluation on Tuesday. Hopefully, he will be released on Tuesday.
  • At the pep rally, a student fell into Kandy Peters causing her knee to hyperextend. She is still having pain from that and will see the doctor on Monday.
  • Thank you so much for all the prayers, encouragement and messages for Jennifer. I appreciate it all so much! Just knowing that so many people were lifting her up in prayer, was so comforting! She got to come home on Thursday evening. She is doing great! She is in some pain but overall she is feeling well.
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