Come to the South!

Where your Dreams are a seed away!

Our Economy is One and Only!

The Southern Colonies economy depended on many things for it to be a good economy. The Southern Colonies economy was mostly agricultural because if the crops did well, then so did the economy. Also, because of agriculture being mostly the major source of the economy, there were a lot of farms and plantations. Another thing that the Southern Colonies depended on for thier economy was exporting materials for ship, such as wood and tar. Wood grew well in the Southern Colonies because of

the climate. Since there were many farms in the Southern Colonies, the farms grew many cash crops that were sold for profit. Some cash crops that they grew included tobacco, rice, and indigo. Indigo was used to make dye. Our economy is very dependent o agriculture which is good because we will never stop farming and plants will never stop growing so our economy is very stable.

Our Wonderful Cash Crops

Come to Our Colony!

We have an abundance of Slaves working these farms so you wouldn't have to worry about any manual labor. Life is easier in the South. it is also way more lucrative! Lay down those Tools and Pick up a magazine, lay back, relax and watch the plants in the south make your money !

We Are the South!