Library Report

April, 2016


Most Circulated Fiction Titles: Door to December, Silence of the Lambs, Son of the Mob, 24 Hours, Catch 22, Champion: Legend 3, Crime and Punishment, The Pearl, Shadows on the Moon, Around the World in 80 Days.

Most viewed sites: 15,259 visitors

Senior Project Manual, Staff Directory, Counseling, Sports, Library, Math, Clubs, Contact Us, Academic Support, Media/Photography

42 Non-Fiction Books circulated

39 Fiction Books circulated

Top Student Patron: Ximena Mendez

Lab 1 reserved by 40 classes

What's New

  • SBAC Testing took place campus-wide and in Lab 2. Issues were minimal, connection issues were solved by allowing several minutes for the Chromebooks to login to the network on startup, or switching computers. New issues were added to the testing FAQ.
  • A new Chromebook management system named Go Guardian was tested, allowing admins to see what websites are visited, search terms, and allow for a "quarantine" of users that break the acceptable use policy.
  • Hosted several art displays, including Nicaragua projects, cyanotypes and photographic experiments with light.
  • A brand new audio system was ordered with Library funds that will allow for wired and wireless connection to speakers mounted in the library.
  • An elementary Lesson Bank was built in collaboration with Anne Scanlon and Christine Gruber to allow for collaboration and consistency between the sites.
  • A cross-departmental lesson in Online Citizenship was designed as a sample of collaborative lessons.
  • A "Charlie Brown" Red Maple tree was ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation as an experiment in indoor growth.

Tech 5 - Simple English Wikipedia and Newsela

Simple English Wikipedia

If your students are looking for a quick summary of a particular event, similar to a traditional encyclopedia, then Simple English Wikipedia fits the bill. Simple English Wikipedia is written for readers whose first language is not English, in simpler terms, with what seems to be the same amount of citations.


Newsela is a news site that allows for readers to change the lexile type of the article for better comprehension (it will also translate to Spanish). It also lets students take short quizzes on the content and allows for teachers to create pro accounts that will track student progress and create customizable writing prompts.