Pioneer Press

September 9, 2016

What Happened This Week?

We spent this week talking about our personal identification information. We discussed that everyone has their own personal id information, where we get it from, and who it is safe to share it with. We have been playing fun games and role playing to learn all of this information! We focused on learning these factors of our personal identification information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Gender
  4. Birth month
  5. City they live in
  6. Parent names
  7. Sibling names

Investigation Sites

This week, our investigation sites focused on learning our personal id information. Here is what we've been up to:

  • Science - Fingerprinting! We have been looking at our finger prints as well as our friends and then discussing what we see that is the same and different. We talked about how everyone in the world has different fingerprints and no one's is exactly the same.
  • Dramatic Play - We had our very own class phone book and the students used the phones in dramatic play to practice dialing their phone numbers!
  • Library - We had our white board along with first/last names and magnetic letters.
  • Small Group - We have been working on learning/practicing our personal ID information through games and songs.
  • Writing - Students have been tracing their first and last names.



In music this week, we met Sheldon! (Mrs. Blair's stuffed turtle) With Sheldon, students practice following directions and patterns by following what Sheldon does. We then we able to experience the slide whistle (a class favorite) and sang the story of the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed and Fly. During this story, each student got an animal to feed to the little old lady when it was that part of the story. It was an awesome music class!

Moving and Grooving

This week in Movin’ and Groovin’ we played Farmer in the Dell to reinforce family units. We practiced moving and freezing, making choices, and staying in line. We also sang head, shoulders, knees, and toes to reinforce our body parts. The kids sang fast and slow to work on regulation. The kids also practiced spelling their names with clapping their names.

Cooking and Conversation

This week in cooking and conversations, the students practiced their addresses by making sugar cookies using their address numbers, it was delicious!

What's Coming Up?

Next week we are going to be focusing on different types of homes. We will begin by discussing the different types that we see in our community: houses, townhouses, condos, and apartments. Students will identify which home they live in and then compare/contrast the different types of homes. We will look at the exterior characteristics:

  • Building material (siding, bricks, wood, etc)
  • Windows (how many, location, shape)
  • Doors (how many, location, shape)
  • How many stories (predict)
  • Backyard/front yard (trying to predict who might live in this home)
  • Garage

We will also look at the interior of each home:

  • What rooms are in the home
  • Functions of the room
  • Location of the rooms

Students will be comparing and contrasting the different homes based on their exterior and interior characteristics.

We Need Your Help!

For our discussions of homes, we would love it if you could email me ( two pictures by Wednesday:

  1. The exterior of your home
  2. A picture of an interior room in your home (living room ,kitchen, kid's bedroom, etc).


Important Dates

9/14 - Picture Day

10/3 - No School

10/12 - No School

10/19 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

10/20 - Half-day AM attends

Parent-Teacher Conferences

10/21 - No School

Mystery Explorer

Thank you to our mystery explorer this week: Sung Kim!! We loved having you come in and read with us today :)

Here is our mystery explorer schedule for the rest of September:

30th: Jayme Levin

Mystery explorer will be from 10:45-11:00 a.m.

We look forward to seeing you! Shhhhhhhhh! Remember it's a surprise!

Snack Schedule

Here is the snack schedule for the next few weeks:

9/12: Joseph

9/19: Eamon

9/26: Charlotte