BY: Pamela W. McDowell/Book report by: Emmie Hutchens

About the Book

Clown fish are very bright and colorful looking fish. They are orange with white stripes. Clown fish have a very special home they live in something called a sea anemone. A sea anemone is an animal that looks like a flower looking coral. Inside on the anemone is where the fish builds its home. The anemone tentacles sting any other fish, the clown fish has a special mucus that protects it from getting stung by the anemone. This means it protects the clown fish at the same time as it Clown fish are not very good swimmers, this means that they stay fairly close to their home. There are many colors of clown fish going from bright orange to dark maroon color. The bright colors of a clown fish are warning signs to other fish. They are warning signs because they look dangerous to other fish.Why did i choose to read this book? I chose to read this book because I really love fish and think they are really fun to watch.Who would I recommend this book to? I would probably recommend this book to Avery and Erica because they love bright colors and clown fish are really bright.
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