Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

October 1, 2012

Fun Friday!

The children were a little dissapointed that we did not have science activities. We did, however, have fun being creative. The children started off the morning with a visit from a police officer for our community helper study. We then spent the morning tearing construction paper and cutting yarn to make self portraits. We enjoyed edible math after recess with Fruit Loops. The children sorted by color and then made patterns before enjoying their snack.

Trip to Dewberry Farms

Kindergarten will be going on a field trip to Dewberry Farms on October 24th. If you would like to chaperone, information will be coming home soon. Please check with the office to make sure you are VIPs approved.

Book Fair

The book fair will be at our school the week of October 22! If you would like to stop in at lunch and shop with your child during the week you are more than welcome. It will also be available right before and right after school during the week.

I prefer not to take kinder friends to the book fair with money because what they generally choose (pencils and posters) may not necessarily be what you might be hoping for. You can also plan to bring the whole family out on Tuesday, October 23rd for dinner, shopping, and games. It is always great fun to join other families for a night of food and fun.

Needed items.....

Our science center needs some signs of fall. If you would like to donate any of the following (or other things you can think of) it would be appreciated: several small goards of various color and shape, Indian corn, small pumpkins, realistic fake fall leaves, accorns or other tree seeds, etc. I would also like to carve pumpkins with the kids. We could use 4 carving pumpkins. Is anyone interested in joining me on Friday, October 26th at 2:00?

I would like to collect these items ( new or used):

golf tees, large piece of firm styrofoam about 1 inch thick, Light Bright, colender (noodle strainer), playdough, post-it notes (we need them to cover up the toilet sensers)

Mark Your Calendar!

10/5 School Pictures- $ due

10/5 Sing Along at 2:00

10/8 Parent/Teacher conferences- no school

10/18 Awards Assembly 8:30

10/22-10/26 Book Fair

10/23 Book Fair Family Dinner and Game Night

10/24 Field trip to Dewberry Farms- wear your new Greens Prairie shirt!

10/31 Book Character Day - Dress up as your favorite book character.

10/31 Early release day. Dismissal at 12:45.

Super Stars

To encourage children to do their best we have added a Super Star each day. This child gets to wear a Super Star ribbon all day to remind others that this is a student who is trying hard to follow directions and do their best. If you need help remembering the expectations, look their way!

Officer Lively visits to tell us about his job in our community.

Brady is proud of his torn art portrait.

We sorted our snack today and made patterns. Edible math is always fun!