Graphene Computer Parts

By Charlie McKee

Building a Computer

Are you trying to build a computer, but don't know what computer are best? Search no more, as you just the found the material that will make any computer better. This heavenly material is graphene. Graphene conducts electricity faster then any material ever known. For instance it charges a battery 1000 times faster then standard. Graphene is also great at conducting heat. While carbon nanotubes can conduct heat at 3500, and graphite can conduct heat from anywhere from 300 to 1500. Graphene conducts heat at 5020. While come computer parts get dusty and ware out, graphene is extremely durable. Even more then steel. Graphene is also good for touch screens. Because graphene can conduct electricity at a high rate and is 98% transparent. Using graphene based components instead of generic components is guaranteed to make your computer run faster and stay cleaner.