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DE Boot Camp: Presenting Publishing & Collaborating 3 Presenting & Publishing

Presenting a lesson with the Assignment Builder

Discovery's Assignment Builder is a very flexible online document creation tool that allows you to include formatted text, resources and activities in Discovery, your own uploaded content, and even links to outside materials too. PLUS, it has the added benefit of being able to be ASSIGNED to your students through their Discovery account just like all of your other Discovery resources.

Presenting a resource collection with a shared folder

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Publishing to your school or district

The best way to share content with your school or district only is to do that by saving it to your MY CONTENT and copying it to your SCHOOL CONTENT or DISTRICT CONTENT as we discussed in Boot Camp Day 12 (click link to review).

Presenting a lesson with the Board Builder

We learned last week that the same Board Builder tool that you love on the student side of Discovery is available in your Builder Tools to use to create online activities for your students. Simply use the Board Builder Editor Tools to add headlines, text boxes, media, and attachments to your board. Customize your board even more by choosing your own foreground and background, or applying one of the preformatted Board themes.
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Publishing to the Discovery Community

The only way to publish content to the entire Discovery Education community is to include it on a Board Builder Board and publish your Board. When you've completed your board, click the SHARE button at the upper-right and select the DE Community as your sharing level. Your shared Board will then appear when any Discovery user searches the Media Library with a relevant search term.
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Today's Assignment: Create an Assignment

Today, I'd like you to create a practice assignment with the Assignment Builder. Try out adding different types of elements to really get the feel for how the Assignment Builder works and how flexible it can be to help you create just the right activity for your students.

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