By Isla


  1. They are the biggest arboreal mammal, they are one of a kind, they are the one, the only, orangutan! These amazing creatures are beautiful mammals, and are related to humans; they are very smart, look like us, yet there are seven billion of us and only forty thousand of them. Come into the world of the human like, tree dwelling and amazing orangutan.


These arboreal mammals are an orange, brown and red colour, and have a long straight coat. These animals have an enormous arm span, the males arm span can be up to two metres in length, and they almost scrape across the ground. Orangutans weigh from thirty-three to eighty-two kilograms, an orangutans skeletal system is a lot like the skeletal system of a humans, they can grow four to five feet tall. The orangutan has very flexible feet, and can pick things up with them!


The orangutan lives in tropical rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra, they live in trees, the forests they live in are very fertile. Orangutans make nests for sleeping in, they are used only once, to know whether a nest is new or old you look at the colour, brown is old and green is new. These arboreal (tree dwelling) animals like to live near fresh waterways.


Orangutans are mammals, which means that mothers feed their young with milk. When females give birth they spend the next eight years with their young, this results with very strong bonds between mothers and their babies. The male Orangutans do not help raise young at all. When females raise their young and leave them to fend for themselves, they have more children.


This amazing animals' future are in peril, they are now one of the most endangered animals in the world . Threats include logging and deforestation of their habitats, another reason is the harvesting of palm oil for different products. There are now 7 billion of us and only 40000 of them in the world. Orangutans are not only threatened by deforestation for collections of palm oil they are equally affected by illegal pet trade and poaching. These animals are in trouble and are now one of the most endangered animals in the world. To find out how to prevent buying palm oil products click on the link below.



The orangutan has a varied diet, and eats more than four hundred different foods. The orangutan is an omnivore, (meaning it eats meat and vegetation) although they are omnivores their diet consists of 90% fruit. Some of the foods that they enjoy include rambutan, jackfruit, strangle fig, durian, termites and tree-nuts. The orangutan has very strong jaws which allows them to eat fruits with tough, spiky or hard skin. Orangutans (when times are tough) may have to fast, at this time their main diet consists of leaves, bark and termites.


The orangutan is a truly unique animal. But they are endangered because of us, the human force of habitat destruction, killing of the earths gems for our own greed and wealth, the orangutan is just one of the many poor animals of this earth that are cruelly stolen of their habitats and lives. We need to act now to prevent the orangutans' species going into the history books. To adopt or donate to the welfare and lives of the orangutan please click on the link below.


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