Ms. Tubbs' Weekly Newsletter

A Fond Farewell

Dear Parents,

It is with pride and a bit of sadness that I bid a fond farewell to this group of students. It has been my privilege to share this little bit of their journey. I am grateful for each and every moment--the successes; the struggles; the laughter and joy; the frustrations; and most of all, the love. I hope, as they grow older, they look back on this time and remember it all as I do, with the utmost of affection.

I want to thank you all, too, for all of the support and graciousness you have shown me over the year--from the Nestle's Crunch candies to helping shape behaviors to "tolerating" my infatuation with boy bands. :) It is only because of your strength and advocacy that your children will be the shining successes I know they will become.

I always refer to my students as "my kids." I may not know where they end up in life, but I know where they will always stay: in my heart.

I wish you all nothing but the best.

With love,


Important Dates

May 29 (Monday) Student/Teacher Holiday

May 31 (Wednesday) Parent Conferences (Please click on the link and sign up for a time. )

June 1 (Thursday) End of Year Party and Picnic 10:45 Party, 11:45 Picnic--Please bring a picnic lunch and join us. You may want to arrive a bit early due to the crowd that's sure to be there.

June 2 (Friday) Last Day of School/ Students dismiss at 12:00

What Are We Learning This Week?

Language Arts

  • Spelling Pattern Focus: review long and short vowels
  • Spelling Words: No spelling test
  • SIght Words to know:
  • Grammar Focus:

Social Studies

Unit 6 - Economics

During our economics unit students will learn about wants and needs, goods and services, and understand the importance of jobs


We are reviewing concepts from this year with fun math stations this week!


Unit 8: Designing Hand Pollinators

Students will know

· living things have basic needs and produce offspring.

· plants have various parts and each part has its own function.

· a system is a set of connected things or parts that form a whole.

· objects can be described and classified based on physical properties (color, size, shape, weight, texture, flexibility, etc.).

Critical Vocabulary

· characteristic

· texture

· observation


Other Information

Class Wish List

  • Nothing at this time!

GREAT WEBSITE INFORMATION A great article on how to guide your child with acceptance and love. It really struck a chord in me as a parent.

Learn more about Flexible Classroom and the research behind it. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf. Dedicated to listening and speaking Hearing First will serve as a digital connection point to link families who have chosen listening and spoken language (LSL) and the professionals who work with them with the resources, information, tools, community and learning experiences they need to ensure the children in their lives succeed.