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October 2015


Google Classroom is a Learning Management System (LMS) created by Google to help teachers better organize digital content and possibly move to a paperless classroom. Classroom could change your teaching method like never before. Grading is more efficient, it enriches the classroom experience for students, and helps you connect with students on a level in which they can relate - for FREE. It can help teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. It also provides an avenue for teachers to make announcements and start a class discussion.

When students login using the class code you provide, they instantly become a member of your Google Classroom. Google Classroom does not have ads, but is completely free! The student activity is restricted within the members of your class and students can only access classes within the school system's domain.

See the Classroom 101 intro video below for more information.

New September 2015

  • Google Calendar: Each class has a calendar where assignments that have due dates are automatically added to the calendar. Teachers and students can view the calendar in Classroom, or in Google Calendar on their computers and mobile devices.
  • Share to Classroom with Chrome: Students and teachers can use the Share to Classroom Chrome extension to share web content to to their classes. Teachers can use the extension to instantly push web pages to all students in a class, or create an assignment or announcement in Classroom.
Classroom 101

Would you like to know more about Google Classroom?

View the links below from Nate Kellogg's blog and the link to "50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom" by Alice Keeler.


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