Abigail Adams

Abby Hammer


Abigail Adams was a very important lady in our history, in this passage it will have lots of different examples of why Abigail Adams is so important and some other facts. When you read this passage I hope you find a lot of things about Abigail Adams that you need I hope this passage is productive for everyone to use to find things out about her!

What is Abigail best known for?

Abigail Adams is best known for being the wife of Presisdent John Adams and also the mother of John Quincy Adams the sixth President. Then of course she is most known for being First Lady! She was involved in the political involvement which was a very important event going on in her time. Also this centry that Abigail Adams was most famous for in was the eight teenth centry!


Abigail Adams was born in Weyometh Massachusettes on November 11th, 1744. Her mom's name was Elizabeth Quincy Smith and her father's name was William Smith. At the time Abigail had 3 siblings one brother and two sisters her brother was William and her two sisters were Mary and Elizibeth. Abigail did not go to school nor her sisters because most girls did not go to school but boys did. While Abigail and her sisters were not at school their mother taught them how to bake, sew, read, write and arithmetic. Abigail's dad and her grandfather worked at big libraries that they owned. Her mother was concerned about Abigail she was reading to much! Also Abigail and her siblings were expected to do chores since they were five years old!

John Adams

The first time Abigail and John met Abigail was 15 and John was 24. Abigail's parents didn't think John was good enough for Abigail because they knew he came from a farming family and they were not pleased about that! But when Abigail was 20 and John was 29 her parents changed their minds and they let them get married! Soon after their ceremony they moved in with each other and soon after that they had children. They had Nabby and two years later John Jr. came! Abigail was super busy with cooking and growing crops and daily schedule things but still managed to write letters to her family back at home. Well she was doing all of that till the date of 1770 when her newborn baby was born but shortly after birth she had died. Her man,e was going to be Susanna. John had to be away most of the time his law practice took him over to England, he was also speaking out to the British about taxes that they had to pay. Soon the Adams family moved to Boston closer to johns work. Then they had two more kids. Their names were Charels and Thomas. When John became president Abigail had to take care of Johns 89 year old grandma which weeks later had sadly died.