How to switch OLM to MBOX

Switch OLM to MBOX with OLM to MBOX Converter Pro

How to switch OLM to MBOX – use OLM to MBOX Converter Pro

Switch OLM to MBOX with OLM to MBOX Converter Pro and migrate the files to Postbox, Apple Mail, etc. You can also convert calendars and contacts.

In the contemporary world where every day about 500 apps are launched to Apple Store, as some researches show, users want the possibility to try some of them and switch to those which they find most fit to their requests. The freedom of choice is especially visible when dealing with applications for managing some important personal and professional files, like emails, calendars and contacts. You always want what’s best for your data.

There are a number of email clients on the market ready to be downloaded by Mac users. Some of them are fast and practical, others not so much. However, there is one thing that all of them have in common, and that’s the preference for particular file formats. Not all email management tools accept the same extension. For example, Outlook 2011 Mac is compatible with the OLM files which no other software supports, so if you want to switch to Apple Mail, Postbox or some other popular app, you’d need to switch OLM to MBOX format. How can you do it and be sure that the process won’t influence in any harmful way your email data or the computer? By using OLM to MBOX Converter Pro, the best conversion tool, you can find, according to thousands of satisfied users.

Why should you switch OLM to MBOX with Gladwev’s conversion tool?

You might be wondering why to choose OLM to MBOX Converter Pro for email conversion when there are a number of other apps in the Mac online stores? If Gladwev’s reputation and series of professionally developed software don’t convince you, then you should trust the users who had been using the tool for some time and acclaim its benefits.

Gladwev’s clients say that the benefit that overrides their tool in comparison with the offer of other software companies is that itmakes sure that neither quality nor quantity are jeopardized in the conversion and migration process.

You can convert a couple of personal emails or data from more than 100 accounts, you only need to choose the right license package. And when you switch OLM to MBOX, you’ll find all your files in the same order and structure as in the Outlook 2011 Mac, containing proper attachments and nested emails.

Other than the file extension, nothing else changes in your files

Many Mac users claim that they are reluctant to switching from Outlook 2011 Mac to some other email client because they are worried what could happen to their files. Gladwev understands their fear so when they developed OLM to MBOX Converter Pro they took care that the only change you see when you switch OLM to MBOX is in the file extension. Everything else in the data stays the same:

If you have emails or notes written in a language other than English, OLM to MBOX Converter Pro will convert and migrate it successfully. Even the Unicode characters, youfind in Asian and some European languages will be treated properly by this conversion software. Use any language you wish when writing emails since now you have Gladwev’s tool to back you up.

The folder structure is of great importance to all users. You are used to having your emails in one place and you’d want to find them in the same place when switching OLM to MBOX and migrating it to a new client. The OLM to MBOX Converter Pro takes care of this, too. It preserves the hierarchy of the folders as well as their inner structure. The moment you switch OLM to MBOX you’ll be able to use the converted data.

Attachments are often more important than the emails itself. What happens with them in the conversion process and what if the attached files or photos, for example? Well, when you switch OLM emails to MBOX format, all attached files are migrated properly in their corresponding format. The entire email threads with unlimited number of nested emails get to be switched from OLM to MBOX and moved from Outlook 2011 Mac.

When should you use OLM to MBOX Converter Pro?

You can use OLM to MBOX Converter Pro when you decide to switch OLM to MBOX. Furthermore, you should consider it if you wish to convert OLM to EML format as well. If you are planning to switch from Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail, Gladwev’s tool is the right choice for you. Just make sure to choose the format that agrees with the target email client.

OLM to MBOX Converter Pro treats calendars and contacts in the same way as email data. It can also convert them from OLM to VCF and ICS so you can migrate them to Apple Address Book, iCalendar or whichever other client you prefer.

OLM to MBOX Converter Pro keeps all calendar and contact data intact, including the little notes and photos.

Where can you get OLM to MBOX Converter Pro for your Mac?

Now when you’ve realized all the benefits of switching OLM to MBOX with Gladwev’s OLM to MBOX Converter Pro, you must be wondering how to get it on your Mac computer.

You can always download the free demo version from Gladwev’s website. It lets you convert up to 10 items per folder for 30 days. The free version of the conversion tool is for trial purposes only. You get to test its performance so you are convinced you are not throwing your money away.

When you confirm that OLM to MBOX Converter Pro is exactly what you need to switch OLM to MBOX, you should decide which license best suits your conversion requests:

· With the Individual License you can switch OLM emails to MBOX from multiple email accounts. It’s supposed to be used by one client only, not multiple persons.

· Household License is for you and the members of your family to switch OLM to MBOX and not use it in commercial and organizational purposes.

· If you need OLM for MBOX Converter Pro to help you with organizational and commercial issues, then get the Commercial License.

· With the Enterprise License you can switch OLM files from more than 100 email accounts to MBOX format. It’s great for IT departments and support teams in large enterprises.

You get free lifetime upgrades of the OLM to MBOX Converter Pro

When you purchase a License for Gladwev’s conversion tool to switch OLM to MBOX, it only means that you are handed the latest version of the software. Luckily, things don’t end here! You’ll be getting for as long as you us the tool, upgrades of the system so you can enjoy an even more professional conversion and migration of email data.

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