A Peek at Our Week

Our Spectacular 1st-3rd Grade Class

May 13, 2016


Flow. Grace. Mind-Body Integration. Body Awareness.

This week we included a movement practice during our mindfulness practice. As slowly and silently as we could, we moved from a little seed (tight ball on the ground) into a tall standing tree (tree pose with arms outstretched). My heart just about burst when someone suggested we become a united forest and link our branches. This was followed by a chorus of yeahs! Such beauties!


We all continue to work hard on our multiplication! Some of us are really mastering the 2s and 5s and others have started practicing strategies for solving problems like 23 x 3!!


Writing Workshop

We are putting all our strategies to use and working so hard on our stories! We are risk takers trying out strategies that our new to us that grow our writing skills. Such an adventurous group of writers!


Magic C asked us to practice r....dive down, bump, swim up and over!

Word Work

Phonics groups are working on:
  • beginning blends - when there are two consonants at the beginning of a word we need to blend them together.
  • y and igh....two more ways to make the long i sound! "I" was kind to let Y say it name at the end of words and Y has a bit of an attitude about it. She must be the last sound everyone hears! Drama! More about that later! So that is why it is often a y at the end of open words , fly, cry, why, by. -igh is a fun spelling pattern because it has a ghost sound! Long ago gh actually had a sound (like a hard throaty sound) just like ch, sh and th have a sound. Overtime we stopped pronouncing that sound but we retained the spelling. So, they are like ghosts...sounds that have left long ago but the gh spelling haunts words (sometimes gh makes a f sound, but that is another story! And of course, there are the words that start with gh that say "g".).
  • Now for Y! When Y is at the end of words she throws a HUGE tantrum if a suffix is added. She wants to be the last sound! So, in a huff, she leaves! Well, we have to have an "i" sound so "i" comes in to fill in. That is why study becomes studied or studies (s wants e to be a buffer because of all the crazy drama!) However, Y has a special fondness for "i" so if the suffix -ing is added, she will stay, like in studying. Now, this is only the case when Y says "i" not when Y is working with other vowels to make a sound like in boy, monkey or enjoy.

Reading Workshop

Who is as hungry as a horse or as fast as lightening? The world of similes have entered our room! We had fun learning about how authors can use similes to give description. We familiarized ourselves with some old ones (some we had heard of before!) by working together to construct a simile. "I have...as light as....who has something that would complete the comparison?" Everyone in our group had to agree that it was a reasonable comparison. We are now keeping our eye out in our texts and also creating our own similes. "I'm as hot as the sun!"

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Amphibians is the focus of this week, in particular the Norther Leopard Frog. These sweet creatures have so many threats...disease, pollution, habitat loss, overhunting. We loved learning that they are opportunistic eaters. If it is alive and fits in the mouth, it will give it a try!
The kids wished for tadpoles and, voila, it came true! Thank you Olivia, Melissa and Nate for bringing in our new friends! We LOVE them so much! We found three different species! It is really cool to see the difference between frog and salamander tadpoles.


We practiced the art of paper folding, origami, to make jumping frogs!

Friday Workshops

  • May 20th - Ethan, Stella
  • May 27th - Addy, Oliver

  • June 10th - Olivia, Laurel

Field Trips

  • May 20 - Woodard Bay Bike Trip - 12:15
  • May 27th - Helsing Junction Farm Strawberry Picking

Important Dates

  • May 15 - Three Magnets Float On! Fundraiser - 4:00-6:00
  • May 16-20 - Bike Week!
  • May 18 - Board Meeting
  • May 30 - No School
  • June 1 - Parent Meeting
  • June 10 - Half Day
  • June 15 - Board Meeting
  • June 17 - Half Day/Portfolio Share
  • June 18 - End of Year Ceremony 11:00-12:00 play, 12:00-12:30 ceremony, 12:30-3:00 potluck/play