Stop Cyber Bullying

10 ways to prevent and stop cyber bullying


The best most easy way to stop cyberbullying is to talk to a trusted adult about it maybe a parent or a teacher. I suggest to not to talk to much about it to your friends as they may try to get involved. Parents and teachers can put a stop to the bully while friends may make it worse. Never doubt talking to a trusted adult as this is the right thing to do.

Block the bully

If you are being cyberbullied one of the main tools for you is the block button this will instantly stop the bully from annoying you on this account. The only thing that is really a problem with this tool is that they can access you on another account but don't worry you can always block them on this account.

Save and show

If you are getting bullied online you should always save the proof to show someone if needed. If there are problems parents and teachers may need to see what is going on so by saving the proof it will be easier to show what is going on.

Stop and don't respond

When the bully is trying to contact you the best thing to do is not to reply. Replying is one of the worst things to do because they just want to annoy you and get you upset and angry over little comments. You should also try to not worry about these comments as they may lead to depression.

Stand up for yourself

One of the most hardest ways to stop cyberbullying is to stand up for yourself if you know this bully than talk to them and tell them how you feel about what they are doing to you and how you don't like it. Confronting a bully like this is a very cleaver thing to do as this takes them by surprise that you stood up to them and it may scare them into thinking they won't do something like that again as you are not as venerable as they thought.

Protect your password

You should never tell your password to someone else even your closest friends as they may not be close forever. They could go on to your account and bully other people or if you are being bullied they could react to the bully making them angry with you.

The bully will always go away

If you have done things to prevent the bully you must know that it will all go away sooner or later you do have friends that will help you and stand up for you in tough times. The bully may also grow out of this and say sorry for what they did.

Just shut it down

A simple and easy way to put your cyberbullying problems to an end forever is to just stop your social media account and this means the bully can no longer contact you. If you do like and use social media but cyberbullying is a problem you may have to give it up.

Change your account settings

By changing your personal setting on social media you can stop the bully from contacting you again. If you don't reveal where you live your email and phone number the bully finds it harder to contact you. If things get worse creating a new account may be necessary.

Take time to dowhat you want

If your being cyberbullied you would know how it feels being stressed and having to deal with it so taking time to do what you want is a great way to forget about being bullied. Outdoor activates or sports are a good idea because they are away from social media and computers. Playing video games is not as good of an idea as you can still access the bullies messages easily.