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From the CSA

Every time I go to write the monthly message I can't help but to wonder how the time has flew by. We have amassed a wonderful, action-packed year of learning, and we're not done yet! We have the End-Of-year PARCC assessment, field day, and some great field trips lined up. I also have great news; LAC School was accepted for the innovateNJ program! The program will be showing all of the wonderful things we do at LAC - and show that we are growing, learning, and moving onward in what's best for our learners. Stay tuned... we're not done yet! Jay Eitner, CSA
LAC School Tech Advancements - InnovateNJ
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Classroom Happenings

In Mr. Cullen's PE & Health classes...

Spring is here, and it’s time to get dirty!!! Our sustainable garden is in full swing and the students seem to be extremely excited about the opportunity to get outside and contribute to the school wide project. We have been working hand in hand with Rutgers University who is in partnership with Food Corps to allow this awesome project to take place. Each grade level will have a hand in some sort of up keep for the schools eatable garden. The garden will be producing various vegetables as well as many beautiful flowers to make the school more appealing as well as teaching students valuable lifelong nutrition habits. On the PE front we are thrilled that the weather is finally breaking, we are able the escape the walls of the gymnasium and get outside and run! We will be starting our 'Recreation Games' unit which are also lifelong activities and can be played in smaller groups as oppose to team sports which require a larger number of students per team. During the Rec Sports unit students will be learning to throw and catch Frisbees for a lead up to the very exciting game of Can-Jam! Students will also use those Frisbee skills for Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. In the Coming weeks we will also be holding our Physical fitness challenges for grades 4-8. Overall this is a great time to be a student here at LAC, with so many fun and exciting activities coming up the smiles on the faces of the students will be as bright as the spring sun. Save the Date: May 22nd will be field day once again and it is my goal to make this years’ field day Bigger and Better than last year’s event.

In Mrs. Maniglia's Preschool class...

It’s hard to believe that we are already into the month of May. We have been working very hard in Preschool since we last shared our news with you. Our class has been learning the letter names from Aa – Zz as well as our numbers from 1 – 20. We love to show off what we know – just ask us! Day 100 came and went with a lot of activity. We did everything from counting to 100 both by one’s and ten’s, exercised for 100 seconds, ate our special 100 snack and finally we were quiet for 100 seconds. Boy was that last one tough!!! Spring has sprung in our classroom. Our many art activities can prove that. We love watching everything turning green and spending time outside on the playground breathing in the fresh air. The birds are still very busy at our feeders and we are anxiously awaiting the return of the hummingbirds. Reduce, reuse, recycle is our new classroom motto and we are planning to take better care of our planet Earth so we can enjoy it when we get older. Our field trip to Storybook Land is right around the corner and we cannot wait!!! Hope you all have a great Spring and remember to help take care of the Earth by doing your share!

In Ms. Murphy's ELA classes...

This month, students in fifth through eighth have started their last novel of the year. For this novel, students are reading in literature circles which is giving the students an opportunity to interact with the novel at a deeper level. Fifth grade is reading “Tangerine” written by Edward Bloor, sixth grade is reading “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” written by John Boyne, seventh grade is reading “The Giver” written by Lois Lowry, and eighth grade is reading “Divergent” written by Veronica Roth. The fifth grade students are also writing friendly letters to a recipient of their choice. The sixth and seventh grade students are writing personal narratives and the eighth grade students are working to finish their term papers before graduation!