Renewable and Non-Renewable.

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Renewable Resources

Renewable resources that can be reused more than once. Something that can turn into something new or something different.

Ex. Biomass The amount of mass in one area and from decomposing bodies

Hydropower Power generated by water.

Solar Energy Generated from solar waves (The Sun)

Wind Energy. Power made from wind in windmill.

Geothermal. Power received from heat and underground.

No renewable

Something that either can't be reused or takes a long time to appear again. Usually takes millions of years to make again.

Ex. Fossil Fuels The fuels made from fossils along time ago

Coal One of the major fossil fuels for trains and other things

Natural Gas Another major fossil fuel that is above coal usually and is majorly used in cars

Nuclear energy Energy from atoms and nuclear things can not be remade.

Everything is either renewable or nonrenewable

Extra info

Renewable and Nonrenewable are the two main categories of resources it doesn't matter what it is it's either renewable or nonrenewable.

We are renewable.