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What's Happening in 3rd Grade?

Weekly Newsletters

Surprise! I don't know if you're excited as I am, but I was granted three more credits on SMORE for sharing this site via social media, so after today I will be able to use SMORE for two more weeks!

Pictures: For some reason, my computer is not reading my camera memory stick today, so my pictures are not uploading! I will take a closer look and get some pictures added here when it decides to cooperate!

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Week in Review:

Language Arts:

  • Spelling: Long vowel o words
  • Grammar: Taking two simple sentences and making them a compound sentence
  • Genre: Nonfiction- expository text
  • Comprehension Strategy: Ask/answer questions
  • Comprehension Skill: Main idea and details
  • Vocabulary: Multiple meaning words

Math: We finished Chapter 2: Place Value and Number Sense on Wednesday when we took our test. You should find your child's math test in their envelope. We went over the test together today. On Thursday, we didn't have math because of MAP testing, so today we began Chapter 3: Compare, Order, and Round Numbers.

  • 3.1 Benchmark Numbers- A number that can help you estimate the number of objects without counting them. Any useful number can be a benchmark. Common ones we used today were: 10, 25, 50, and 100

Next week we'll focus on:

  • 3.2 Algebra: Compare Numbers
  • 3.3 Order Numbers
  • 3.4 Problem Solving Skill Using a Bar Graph
  • 3.5 Round to the Nearest 10 and 100
  • 3.6 Round to the Nearest 1,000

Social Studies: (This will be our last week focusing on Social Studies before we make the switch to Science for the next 6 weeks)

Chapter 2: Where in the United States is Our Community

2.2-2.6 This week we focused on using our cardinal and intermediate directions to help us "travel" different places. We used a ruler measuring miles to estimate how many miles we'd have to go to get to a specific place within our 50 states (The Statue of Liberty, The Everglades, and Mount Rushmore).

We plan is to finish the reading of Chapter 2 on Monday and review Chapter 2 on Tuesday. That would make our Chapter 2 test be on Wednesday, October 1st. This was a much shorter chapter than Chapter 1.

Spelling Next Week

The list will be completely review over spelling patterns we've learned about in Unit 1. The list is not on our website, so I'll list it here.

1. stamp 2. snack 3. grabs 4. glad 5. slump 6. clock 7. jumps 8. pond

9. grade 10. wise 11. smoke 12. stripe 13. fail 14. weigh 15. they 16. globe

17. soak 18. broke 19. float 20. scold

Next Week's Wonders Curriculum Focus

There is not a purple Wonders outline (purple) sheet in your child's folder today. Next week is a little different. This week we finished Unit 1, week 5 of instruction, so we're almost ready to start Unit 2. However, there is a review week "Unit 1, Week 6" before we move on. There are 5 weeks of instruction in each unit, but we use one week at the end of each unit to focus more closely on writing. Developing writing is so important, and as fast as we move through weekly instruction, there is not a lot of time designated to the writing process and developing high quality writing.

First COMPUTER reading test

This was a tough process today for students and myself! I'm glad they've been exposed to MAP testing so they were familiar with a computer test, but these reading tests will take some getting used to. We will get better each week! What this means for you is, there is not a copy of the test coming home with your child tonight. I have their score out of the 12 questions, but I have not had a chance to grade their essay. The essay was tough today, I think it could have been worded better, but students will improve with writing these as well and making sure to use text evidence for their answers. Their scores will come home next week.

Scholastic Book Order

In your child's envelope today, you should a book order. There is a $5 off coupon attached for when you spend $10 if you wish to use this. You can order books two ways. One way to order is by sending a paper order with one check made out to Scholastic Reading Club; please DO NOT send cash! It doesn’t matter if you order from more than one flyer; you still only need to write one check. The other way to order is online. Click here to go to the Scholastic Reading Club website. You will need our class activation code which is: J3PHT

Book orders will be due next Friday, October 3rd.

Student of the Week

We have not started Student of the Week yet in our classroom, and I'd like to soon. We won't start for next week, but I'm hoping we can take more time to discuss what we'll do for this next week (it's not much, but it's still fun to honor one student each week), and then start the following week, October 6th.

Dates to remember:

Today, September 26th: Homecoming football game 7:00 with King & Queen Coronation at halftime!

Saturday, September 27th: Austin Green's Birthday

September 29th-October 3rd: Fire Prevention Week

Tuesday, September 30th: Logan Beaty's Birthday

Friday, October 3rd: 2:15 Fire Prevention Assembly/2:30 Trustworthiness Assembly

Friday, October 10th: No school for students, professional development day for teachers

Monday, October 13th: K.I.D.S Group Meeting 6:30pm in the elementary library

Saturday, October 18th: Elaina Hildebrandt's Birthday

Our Classroom Wish List

Please click here to view our classroom wish list. There are still many different things we can use for our classroom, so if you're looking to donate- please take a look! Thank you in advance for considering!

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