all about me

Michael Bawuah

I like football.

I like it because it is really enjoyable. It has a lot of contact which i like. It is a sport which hard-work takes place in, and i like working hard. It also takes a lot of encouragement!!

I like Basketball

I like basketball because it a is a very enjoyable sport. During the games its intense then lets say its a really hot day you can play get sweaty go in the pool. Some pools even have basketball nets in there. But in all basketball is very likeable/enjoyable

I love money.

I think without money you honestly cant live in this world. Money is in a way the equalizer to happiness/success. Without money you can not get anything. Money is also very enjoyable to smell. I am pretty sure everyone loves money.

I like cars

I really like cars. Like luxury, and sports cars. The interior is really cool, and when it comes to the sport cars i love it when it goes really fast.

I like workingout.

I really like working out because its really fun, and in a way releases stress. Working out really builds you up and keeps you very healthy.