Warning! Approach with Caution!

Take Care What You Share on the Internet

The Internet can be a dangerous place to search. You need to be careful.

There are many pitfalls on the Internet. What you share, what you post, and what you do when the cameras are rolling can wind up there and leave its imprint forever. Are you aware enough of the dangers?

How Can You Make Sure to Be Safe?

That is what you will tell me! Click on my avatar link to find out about your assignment.

Internet Safety Voki

Watching Me Is Great, But Here's the Written Assignment...

The Internet can be a dangerous place if you don't respect it. What things do kids need to look out for? That's what you will tell me, and anyone else who's interested! Here's what you need to do:

  • Think of a topic that deals with Internet Safety (not talking to strangers, not putting out your personal information).
  • Research your topic using the websites below and come up with two ways that will help you stay safe.
  • Take your research and come up with a fun and interesting Public Service Announcement (PSA) to inform your friends about searching safely and responsibly. Your PSAs should be no longer than 60 seconds long.
  • Go to the Voki website to create your own avatar, then record yourself reading your PSA. Links to your Vokis will be posted on Google Classroom and my website!

Here's a video quiz on Internet Safety. See how well you can do!

After you've finished your Voki, take this little quiz below to test your safety IQ:

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