Facebook, Twitter, ...

The first face of social networks

The social networks are beneficial for keep a contact with friends in worldwide. It's good for a share a pictures or videos. You can tell your life with statuts, you can spy your friends, family and your love ! You might meet a new person too.

You may think that social networks were the creation of the century but ...

"There are things that many of us have never seen before. It has advantages but on the other hand, it also limits a lot. " Mark Zuckerberg

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The second face of social networks

Social networks settle in your brain gradually without you know it has ! Proved by socilogues. You will become addicted and you would be in a virtual world. You begin to talk with people you do not know or think you know.You must know who you're talking, with you exchanged information on your life!Be careful, we still believe that it only happens to others!

If you're not careful, you can be a victim of harrassment, cyber bullying, threat,..

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My advice

Facebook, twitter and others it's good but in small doses. Your own life does not concern the entire planet so be careful what you share. You know, the man is not a machine and it does not live behind a computer. Do not abuse it too much, I trust you! :)