Thought for the week

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How much is the support, care and guidance our families give us really worth?

After a great turnout at last week's review day it was clear to see the great relationships our students have with family members and the high levels of support provided by so many parents and carers.

It can be easy to take the people in our lives for granted, forget the effort they put in to helping us and being there for us every day. This can be especially prevelant amongst young people who, in their own busy lives, may be forgiven for expecting adults to take care of them. Adults have to fix the problems, sort things out, get you to places on time, it's their job afterall!

So this week we think about the importance of the things others do for us.

Despite the fact you might not always consider how much you should appreciate those that care for you they still keep doing it. Whats more its usually for NO CHARGE!

Try showing your appreciation this week a little more. Afterall, even though adults are a pain sometimes life would be pretty difficult without them!

Check out this song for an interesting insight into the relationships between parents and children!

no charge sung by tammy wynette