Justin timberlake

Biography By :jenna seaman


As a kid he was made fun of because he had acne. He was call a bad name but that did not bring him down he was always happy. his mom divocrst only when he was 3 and his mom remarried now he has two step brothers Jonathan and Stefan. He was born January 31,1981 he Grow up in mepis tennessee. His parent where big musical peopel


NSYNC was a big popo band Jc Chasez and Lance Bass Chriskirk Patrick and Joey Fatone this band was a big it long ago but now not so much peop whant to lens to new musie but they broke up and people ask them to get back together and they sayed no and noone ask agin he want his way and they went there way

justin family

Jessica and him got married in 2012 it dose not say what month his mom Lynn Harlessshe remarried when he was only 3 years old he has two step brothers Jonthan and Stephan his wife is Jessical Biel they do have a son together Silas Randall Timberlake and his mom named her company after Justin Timberlake

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why did i chose him

becuse he inspiration to me to become a singer that why i pick him and he is a good person to the world that is why i pick him