Promoting Healthy Eating

How can you promote healthy eating in your community?

Healthy Eating Challenge!

Your assignment is to find a creative way to promote healthy eating in your community. You may work with a partner or independently. First, select a location in your community in which you would like to promote healthy eating. For example, the mall, restaurant, school, movie theatre, home, recreation centre,or friend/family members house.

Canada's Food Guide

Remember to think about what you have learned in health class, and how Canada's Food Guide promotes healthy eating. Consider the 4 food groups, recommended servings per day for each age group, and serving sizes.
AmariahF Health Canada "Healthy Eating Commercial"
Drive Thru - Kohl's Healthy Kids 30 sec Commercial
Kohl's Healthy Kids "Candy" 30 sec Commercial

Let's Promote Healthy Eating Choices In Our Community


Q: Can I work alone?

A: Yes

Q: Can we pick a location that is not listed?

A: Yes. Talk to the teacher.

Q: Can we use Smore to create a flyer?

A:Yes, I would be happy to show you how it works.

Success Criteria

  1. Pick a location in your community that your will promote healthy eating choices.
  2. Look at the food choices at your location and brainstorm ways you could make them healthier.
  3. Use Canada's Food Guide to help you make healthy choices. Think about the number of servings and appropriate serving sizes for each age group.
  4. Create and advertise a variety of healthy food choices that people could buy at your location.
  5. Create your advertisement.
  6. Be sure your work is neat, organized and attractive so people can easily read it.
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