What I Have Learned

3rd six weeks

Point Of View

First Person~ is when you are talking Ex. "I am getting a new puppy of my own!"

Third Person~is where you are talking about yourself using your name instead of me,my or I.

Influence Of Setting And Plot

Sensory Language~ is our 5 senses, Sight,Sound,Touch,Smell and Taste! We use sensory language when we need to explain what we are smelling etc. for example when you are smelling popcorn you could use " Aroma" for a better word for smell.

Revising and Editing Techniques

We use the rainbow editing to edit our story's and it helps us make our story better, this is our way of revising and editing


We use Graphic Organizers to plan our story out and we can go by the graphic organizer when writing our story this is our way of putting our ideas on paper in a organized way!


Fantasy~ A fantasy narrative has mythical creatures ( unicorns, dragons,fairies,etc.) and is something that isn't real or couldn't happen.

Time Travel~ A time travel narrative is about going back in time or going to the future Ex. Back To The Future.

Mystery~A mystery narrative is trying to solve a puzzle Ex. CSI

Science Fiction~A science fiction narrative is someone going to outer space or has a setting somewhere other than earth (mars) a example for a science fiction narrative would be Star Wars, or The Martian!