Paul Robeson

Athlete, Actor, Singer, and advocate for civil rights


Paul was born in 1898 in Priceton, New jersey. At a young age, his mother died in a house fire. He grew up with his 3 brothers, William, Reeve, Ben, and his sister, Marian. He went to Columbia University Law School. His father was at first a slave, but ended up as a preacher. He got a law degree in 1923.Then he played in many shows, including Othello and Show Boat,although sometimes he was rejected in theaters. He wrote a book called 'Here I stand'. He got married to Eslanda [Essie] Cardozo Goode and had 1 child named Paul Robeson jr. They moved to Pennsylvania and he died because of stroke.Hope you enjoyed this information.

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By Anthony Chandler 3