Great Barrier Reef Vacation

By: Jake Hart

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Reef View hotel

This fancy hotel is located right on the shore in Cairns Australia. Hotel comes with complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, and hot tub. All with a great view of this amazing reef. This hotel also includes a children's activity center, a gym and fitness room, bar/ lounge. As well as a shuttle bus service and spa.


For a one day stay the cost will be $356. For anything more than that It will vary.

For a round trip plane ticket the cheapest you will be able to find is $1,814. Prices vary depending on which airline you would like to choose.

Reef Features

There are thirty species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises have been recorded in the Great Barrier Reef. More than 1,500 fish species live on the reef, including the clown fish, red-bass, red-throat emperor, and several species of snapper and coral trout. Seventeen species of sea snake. Six different species of turtles use this reef s breeding ground. on the coast near the reef there are an abundance of mangrove trees which provide a habitat fro saltwater crocodiles. Fifteen species of sea grasses, Close to 5,000 species of mollusc have been recorded on the reef, and many more amazing living things to be seen.