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Publication 9 : 10/7/2019

Our Journey........#180Daysofwhy

I had the most AMAZING time....getting to know more intimately TEAM GOMPERS and the professional ethics, passion and pedagogical understandings you bring to the profession to support students in everyday learning during our BOY 1:1 conferences. I learned something from each of you and I look forward to us working together to enhance students and school success.

As we begin the week 6 of school, I have to say I am starting to make deeper meaning of the "discipline concerns" shared at the change of principal workshop. There are a lot of layers associated with the past student behaviors that need continued support and are a work in progress as we move through this year... as a change will not come overnight. A majority of the issues are connected to the playground and appropriate respectful communication and engagement. Reteaching/Accountability to expectations, rezoning of playground access areas and more structured activities to engage will hopefully begin to mitigate situations. We have begun regular meetings with Recreation and Safe and Civil teams. Additionally, the processes of referrals with Levels of Infrafctions recommended for use in 18-19 from the Safe and Civil committee will be put in place the classroom red folders will be in the boxes later this week. It's not all about rules and consequences it is about relationships, I don't know how I am going to do it but I am going to try to move forward with Female and Male Leadership Academies with some of our "interesting personality gators" to support them in purpose.

Lastly, thank you for your work in grade-level/department teams to make meaning with SMART goals to fine-tune your Action Plans. I know that your time this week will be towards instructional planning of daily learning intentions and for some teams analysis of Unit 1 Math data results.

Though I did not get an opportunity to visit schoolwide classrooms this week due to the 1:1 meetings, I did get a very brief opportunity on Friday for about 40 minutes. As I walked the building in MS specifically Ohl and Algie "active STANDARDS BASED learning and engagement" were taking place. The learning intention to the task at hand was in tandem. I love seeing our gators smile and learn at the same time. Continue to provide students with clear daily learning intentions, not just written on the board but engaged through discussion at the beginning of a period and at the closure. l am sooooooo looking forward to visiting classrooms this week and providing feedback (electronic).

Thank you for all you do for our do a lot for GOMPERS and it shows!.


Dr. Miller

Instructional Focus Area(s)

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Grades K-5...Reading Profile

Reading Profile....Grades K-5

This week many of you will be attending the RAPID #2 to support your understanding of analyzing the data sets from the assessment. During the training day, a portion of the agenda will review and discuss the implications of a READING PROFILE and Literacy Profile connected to the RAPID assessment.

As a site, we have not discussed the Reading Profile and Literacy Profile, I was saving that for the "band meeting on 10/17". Mr. Patterson, our Teacher Council representative will share detailed understandings on 10/17.

Embedded is a sample: Reading Profile(3rd):

Increasing our Technology KNOWLEDGE OF GSUITE aka Google APPS

What: Technology Training for GSUITE

Where: Library

When: Tuesday, October 15, October 22 & 29 - Afterschool

Agenda Topics: GSUITE and how to use it in your classroom, each session will build upon each other

Who: ANYONE who wants to enhance technology integration. It is VOLUNTARY buttttt ohhhh sooo worth it.....

The training will be led by district ED Tech Office.

LBUSD: U6 and SEL Restorative Justice? Community Circles?

Across our district, many schools are engaging in focused SEL/U6 work through the Sanford Harmony project. We are not ready to engage in a schoolwide focus. However, Gompers already has some classrooms that are dabbling in "community circles" or "class meetings" which is a component of Sanford Harmony; if you would like to learn more for possible implementation of the Sanford Harmony program come to a VOLUNTARY informational meeting.

What: Sanford Harmony - Social-Emotional Curriculum

How: Program materials overview via video in the embedded link:

When: October 22 @ 8:00 to 8:40, presented by Kate Komatz, Elementary Counseling Supervisor

**Classrooms kits are available for all levels, see Ms. Frank if you are interested in a kit**

U6 SEL.... How morning meetings can support and enhance class community

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

School Leadership...........

Results..SDM, SSC and TC

SDM (from K. Knowlton):

The ballots for the proposed SDM committee have been counted and have met the required 2/3rds for approval. In fact, a vast majority of those who voted were in favor of the proposal. As a result, we will now move forward with our plan to form an SDM committee for our K8 school.

At this point, we need to gather a representative group to work on the initial bylaws. According to the online Adjunct Duty List, Ms. Frank, Ms. Primrose, Ms. Duran, and I have signed up to participate in SDM. This group will meet to write the bylaws. However, we would also welcome any certificated, classified, or PTA individual who is interested to participate in this writing process. The dates and times of these meetings are TBA. We need to come up with a day of the week and time that works for all involved. I will inform everyone of our schedule ASAP.

Once written, the bylaws will be presented to the entire staff for recommendations and/or approval. Upon approval, we will then hold elections (as outlined in our by-laws) for the SDM committee.

The following teachers were elected to SSC for 2019-2021

Stacee Evans

Cindy Estrada

Sheila Duran

The following teacher was elected as our Teacher Council (ELEMENTARY/K8)

Eric Patterson

FYI, Below are the $ allocations to Gompers.

LCFF is encumbered with CIE expenditures from SSC in May 2019, other allocations will be a part of collective needs based on achievement data.
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Gompers IEP Calendar

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Please join the Gompers PTA..they do so much for our school. $10..Our goal is 100% for staff!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.