Capstone Fitness Experience

Sabrina Boone

Progressive Photos

Personal Training Session

Card game

This is the game the ladies and I played during Women's boot camp on 11/14/15

(all 52 cards were played)

Kings- 1 minute jog around the gym

Queens- 1 minute ladder sprints

Aces- 1 minute Jumping jacks or high knees

Jacks- Do the previous activity again

Spades- Back flex press, reps depending on card number

Hearts- Chair dips, reps depending on card number

Clubs- Squats, reps depending on card number

Diamonds- Toe touch crunches, reps depending on card number

Lisha's Work Out

-Dynamic warm up

-2 minute bike, level 6



1A. Dumbbell chest press 3x10

1B. Bosu Ball push ups 3x8-10

2A. Squat with row on cables 3x8-10

2B. Straight arm pull downs 3x10

3A. Shoulder press 3x10

3B. Dumbbell lateral raises 3x10

4A. TRX squats 3x10

4B. SI RDL's 3x10

Finisher: 3 rounds of boxing

LuAnn and Karen's Work Out

-Dynamic warm up

Circuits (40 seconds workout, 20 seconds rest)



1. High knees through ladder

2. Reverse lunges

3. Modified push ups

4. Bench Spider Mans

5. Front squats

6. Squat with press

7. Band curls

8. Plank

Finisher: 3x30 seconds DeadBugs

Learning Reflections

I chose to study the importance of living a healthy lifestyle because not many people realize what "healthy" really is, including me, before the Capstone Experience. I always thought I was healthy because I was an athlete and I drank a lot of water. Those things are outstanding, but not enough and I never would have known that if I hadn't studied my topic. My product, AKA me, made my project very difficult. I had to endure several steps of study for the Capstone Experience. For example, I had to stop drinking soda as often, workout (almost) every day, and push myself at that, eat more balanced meals instead of snacking all day, making sure I eat breakfast, and lastly, get about eight hours of sleep each night. These things were all very difficult to do on my own. It was hard because it isn't one of those things where you can be the person telling someone else to do all of these things, I had to tell myself to do them. The only previous knowledge on this subject that I had was anything I had learned in Health class, other than that I did not know anything. This topic is so important to me because it is simple things like being obese or smoking that kill people every single day and if there is anything I can do to even affect just one person, I will do it. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge on this topic. (I lecture my dad on his health decisions frequently) I have learned that it is okay to slack off in your diet every once in a while as long as it is not becoming habitual. Sleep REALLY affects your health, not too little or too much!! SMOKING IS REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Fitness is almost as helpful as breathing 100% oxygen. You don't really NEED it but if you do it, it helps so so so so so much. It could be compared to the cherry on top of the dessert. (Irony intended)

Problem Solving

Throughout my Capstone Experience project, I have endured quite a few obstacles. I changed several aspects and questioned what I was doing. I changed my expert in field after my first one bailed out on me without telling me why, or giving me any notice at all, for that matter. There were a number of times I felt lost and clueless. Another problem would be having to drive all the way out to Burlington to meet up with my expert, Tony. My car is not terribly reliable, therefore, I would drive to my dad's house in Greensboro and borrow his car to drive to Burlington. This caused another problem: clashing with my dad's schedule. I could not just go see Tony whenever I wanted to, my car may have broken down, so I had to check my dad's schedule each time I needed to work on the project. I overcame these obstacles by taking time to schedule everything out in advance. I asked teachers and parents to help me with organization as well. By planning this project so frequently, I have gained skills of schedule organization and time management. The only thing I would change about my project if I had starter all over would be to start sooner. Toward the end, it felt as though I was working due date to due date, with little time to get everything put together nicely.

Expert Collaboration

I selected my expert through a mutual "friend". My JROTC instructor, MSgt. Carter, introduced me to his son, a personal trainer. Originally, I had planned on using Planet Fitness in Greensboro to help me out with my project but they discontinued contact with me for reasons I am not aware. Tony Carter, Jr. has a Bachelor's degree from Furman University, where he went on a full ride scholarship for basketball. Tony has his own fitness program named D.R.I.V.E. located in Burlington, North Carolina. By working with Tony and several of his clients, I realized how important fitness is. Throughout my shadowing of Tony, I overheard one of his clients, Lisha, tell Tony about how crappy she felt when she skipped a day of working out, or cheated on her health over Thanksgiving break. Hearing REAL people talk about these kinds of things really bring them into the light, motivating me to push the people around me to continue bettering their health, daily. Tony assisted me with my Capstone Experience project by giving me endless amounts of information, including personal workout plans he creates, access to his gym and training sessions, and even the opportunity to shadow him at what he does best. I could not have asked for a better expert in the field to work with for my Capstone Experience project!

Reflective Evaluation

After going through my Capstone Experience project, I have learned that I am in really good physical shape compared to a bunch of 30-40 year old women. (Probably not something to be bragging about, but hey). Also, I have learned how far I can push my body physically and mentally. I remember my coaches always telling me "it's all mental, you can physically keep going" which I have found to be 100% accurate. I have learned that my topic is a fast growing one but nevertheless extremely avoided at the same time. The most valuable thing I have learned by the Capstone Experience would have to be time management. Nothing has prepared me for college as much as the Capstone Experience. I now do not procrastinate as badly thanks to organization of my schedule. In the future, I will plan my work out ahead of time as well as be prepared to assist people in their physical training need (off the record, of course). This project has taught me in tremendous ways, in which I am so grateful.