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Cook Brothers Bars Newsletter: May

Hello Fellow Cook Brethren,

Today marks an auspicious occasion; the first company-wide newsletter. Following the Konexxa survey results, there was a noticeably poor score on the communication front, so here lies the remedy. This newsletter is a great opportunity to, not only provide decent and accurate information of progress within the company as a whole, but share in each others successes, get to know the faces of important people in high places, and of course, it provides an excellent forum to publicly humiliate various team members and their questionable decision-making processes. Rejoice - hospo banter lives on...

What Kinda Team Are We?

As most of you know, the Konexxa 'best workplace' survey is a tool used by the boys, that allows them to gauge where the businesses strengths and weaknesses lie from the perspective of those of us on the front lines. An overwhelming amount of good news came out of the last round of surveys, which highlights what an incredibly awesome company we work for. There was nation-wide consensus on the subject of team culture, with commitment and morale ranking highly across all locations. The key themes taken from this is that everyone seems to be on the same page in terms of Cook Brothers branding and concepts, and just genuinely loves working where they do - choice!

However, the results also show that clear, consistent communication and keeping people up-to-date with site and company-wide goings-on is an area needing improvement. The hope is for clear and concise information on new processes, expectations, time frames, initiatives and roles, rather than the sophisticated, but often inaccurate method of Chinese-whispers we have relied on, until now.

Overall, we have gathered from this survey that this is a kick-ass company to work for and all members of our various teams are absolute champions. But, we want to know more about what's gone down, what's going down, and what's about to go down - and this is where you'll find it!

Change Is Good

Some of you will have noticed, others will not have a clue, that the structure of the Cook Brother's support office has been a-changing.

First of all, the silver fox himself Guy Randall, responsible for business development is no longer with us, as a result the position has become redundant. Big ups to the dude for the time he has spent with us, i'm sure the boys miss his chat while the girls miss his face.

Secondly, George Eason held the mammoth position of nationwide operations manager, a task to make even Superman sweat. This has now been split into three different roles, North Island Opps Manager, South Island Opps Manager and Velvet Burger Opps Manager. The shift in focus of operations role means George isn't stretched so thin, as well as the three new managers being able to have a greater focus on each of the sites and their staff. This transition has helped to ensure the day-to-day running of our sites are much smoother, as well as the site managers having a greater network of support and structure.

Finally, big-dog Scott Gaskin has taken over the new executive chef role, tidying-up, improving and implementing new systems and assisting in menu design across all Cook Brothers bars.


Bright, Shiny & New

The team in Auckland, under the command of Callum Melhuish are opening up The Glass Goose, a premium site located in the Federal Street dining precinct, that aims to compliment the other eatery's in this area and appeal to a corporate target market. The developed design incorporates concepts of glass houses and conservatories to give a light, fresh and refined feel to the site.

Unlike other sites within the company, The Glass Goose has a greater focus on dining with the menu including a wide range of fresh, raw and organic ingredients. This will be complimented by a wide range of fine wine, cocktails and an impressive whiskey selection.

The site is set to open on the 26th of June, an incredibly exciting venture for the company.

Callum is currently hiring for this site, if you feel you may be interested in a chance in the big leagues hit him up at,

Cook Bro's Birthday

A huge thank you to all of you who made it last Sunday to the annual Cook Brothers birthday bash, a night of absolute debauchery, in the best of ways. With the lads and lasses dressed to impress, the night consisted of mostly tequila shots (Patron if ya fancy), scintillating conversation and tearing a hole in the dance floor, bettered only by the coveted Heineken awards. For those of you whose memory is as foggy as mine, here's a rundown of the finalist nominees and winners:

Site Manager of the Year:

  1. Chris Cameron (Winner)
  2. Callum Melhuish
  3. Emma Russel
Sales Manager of the Year:
  1. Sophie Rattray
  2. Tessa Hewitt
  3. Jack Conlan (Winner)
Velvet Burger Team Member of the Year:
  1. Oliver Robb (Winner)
  2. Laura Benjamin
  3. Marlon Johnson
Bar & Restaurant Team Member of the Year:
  1. Tom Pinker (Winner)
  2. Jordan Toa
  3. Byron Ford
Kitchen Team Member of the Year:
  1. Zac Foote
  2. Sacha Drinnen (Winner)
  3. Serim Shin
Best Customer Service of the Year:
  1. Sam Nightingale
  2. Henry Wilson
  3. Johnathan Spragg (Winner)
Best Inter-team Relations of the Year:
  1. Henry & Georgia
  2. Grace & Ollie
  3. Sam & Dillon (Winners)

Finally, a big thank you to all of those who nominated these legends.

What a ripper of an evening!

Thats A Wrap

If any of you would like to get in touch about putting something in the newsy, give me a bell.

Otherwise, until next time team - It's been real