Underground Railroad

North Star by Samaria Gooch

Date & Place

The 1830's was the first line it may have been in Indiana.

The South 100,000 slaves escaped from bondage in the South between 1810 & 1850.

People Involved

They were aided by people in the Abolitionist movement.

Many whites but predominately black, including Harriet Tubman, and Levi Coffin.

Abolitionist moved hundreds of slaves northward each year.

Cause of event

The slaves ran away to the railroad and hid secret places that's why it is the Underground Railroad transported runaways on coaches, trains ,but mostly on foot.

Escaping slaves followed the North star to the "station".

Description of event

A network of meeting places, secret routes, and passageways used by slaves in the U.S to escape slave holding states to the North or Canada.

Purpose of event

It was simply a network of Americans, both black and white , dedicated to destroying the institution of slavery by helping individual slaves escape to freedom.

Contributions to change

The underground Railroad's purpose was to get slaves freed that's what happened when the 13th amendment passed .

Interesting facts

Canada was really only place they were really safe, in the free states you could still be token back by your master.

Harriet Tubman guided runaways through the black of the night, there were yellow lights coming from the stations in the Underground Railroad.