Keep it flowing!

Don't stop our oil

oil rigs are not bad!

oil rigs are needed so that we can produce oil for everyone. If there isn't enough oil then we wouldn't have anything to fuel our cars. We would have less electricity available. The only reason you might think anything is wrong with oil rigs is because you've witnessed some irresponsible people handle them in the past and it didn't turn out well, but i assure you that nothing will go wrong in my company. In the event that something were to happen (which is highly unlikely) we are prepared to take action to stop the damage as quickly as possible. we are also prepared to repair any damages cause by an accident which, again, will never happen.

Some of our oil rigs:

if you are concerned :

don't worry about anything. Our rigs are absolutely safe and nothing could go wrong. we understand that some people may find our rigs to be an eye sore, but unfortunately it's the only way we can supply resources to our customers. We do out best to keep our rigs as far away as possible from a largely populated area. on top of that, we try to spruce up our rigs with colorful lights.