By: Neha Siddapureddy

Intro to Judaism

Judaism is a monothestic reliegn in that believe in Adonai. Followers of Judaism are called Jews. The goal of Judaism is to live a good life according the laws of Torah. Jews belive in Sabbath, a holy day which lasts from Friday evening to Saturday evening. It is tradition to eat only Kosher foods, no tref, it is also tradition to have a -Bar (boy) Mitzvah at age 13 or bat (girl)Mitavah at 12. Jews go to worship at syangogue, they are leaded by a Rabbi,(they teach the Torah, the holy book). Jews celebrate Rosh Hanansh, Yon Kipper, Passover, and Hanakah, these all celebrate the past of Judaism. The most holy city for Jews is Jerusalem. For it contains the first the first Jewish temple.

What is a common figure in Judaism, Christanty, and Islam? Which view about God is common to all religions?


A common figure in all three religins is the God of Aberham. The view about god in all three religins is monothestic.

Jerusalem, the holy city for jews

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