The Facts For Define

Reversible Change

A reversible change is when you can re-do something such us a mistake in pencil you can rub it out which makes it a reversible change.

Non-Reversible Change

A non-reversible change is an event that cannot be changed (only reason I could think of XD) such as death you cannot re-do death like we can redo a pencil mistake.

Variables In an Experiment

The variables in an experiment are Independent, Dependant and controlled those are the variables of an experiment; the independent is the change by scientist.

The Structure of A scientific Experiment

The structure of a scientific investigation is:

Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Reference List and Appendices and Appendices is information that you found that is not useful for your investigation.


A Hypothesis is a theory off the limited evidence that you have in your current possession and is a start to a further investigation.


Alchemy is the medieval forerunner chemistry but it is trying to create different effects, creations or combinations by using a created elixir that they created with alchemy.