Dear Stephanie

Caring For Teen Skin

Dear Stephanie,

I am a 15-year-old teenager, and my my skin has been very oily lately and as a dancer, I have to wear makeup during my performances. Like any average teenager I'm prone to have acne, so I was wondering is there any makeup out there that doesn't clog my pores and able to wear throughout a performance? - Serenity in Miami, Florida

Dance On!

Dear Serenity,

Don't panic! Many teenage girls out there use makeup, however they're oil-based products. Makeup that's oil-based can not only clog pores but create blemishes on the epidermis. Since you live in Florida, you will tend to get lots of sunshine, however too much is not a good thing! Overexposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin, and pre-age, which makes us appear older than we really are. As for your oily skin, that can be due to sebum or a lubricate that is released to keep the hair follicles and hair healthy and shiny. I would recommend using the oil-free Neutrogena concealer, and avoid using moisturizers are excessive oily skin. As for the probability of getting acne, everyone will get it in their life time, usually in their teenage years though. There are various makeup lines that contain most or all natural ingredients or are light enough not to clog your pores. You can use Bareminerals, which is all natural, Maybelline for products such as blush, and Almay and Revlon. Based on your preferences, choose which you like, and don't be afraid to experiment. Good Luck! - Stephanie

Sitara, Vanessa, Amber, Jasmine