Rich dad, Poor dad

Personal Finance for teens


Rich dad, Poor dad was of course about finance but it was author Robert Kiyosaki's life experience with money. He tells us how he had a choice to make between his poor dad and rich dad. His rich dad being a high school drop out that was a multimillionaire or his poor dad a very well educated man with a government job.

My personal impact

It helped me very much cause it was about business and entrepreneurship, which is something I want to get into as an adult. it told me that nothing is holding you back and "before you transform your wallet from poor to rich, you've got to transform your spirit from poor to rich." So if in need for a good on how to get rich I recommend "Rich dad, Poor dad"


this book is really helpful it broke down finance in a way i could understand. It gave us mini activities and journals to write and do as we read to insure we understood. Rich dad poor dad helped me to put my personal feelings and experience or situations in it to better comprehend.Easier to understand then in the class room cause i was able to relate more.