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What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water that enters the ground through the process of infiltration.
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Porosity VS. Premeability

Porosity is the measure of how much of a rock is open space

Premeability is the ability for a substance to allow another to flow through

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Zone of aeriation- part of the ground in which pore spaces are filled with air or water.

Zone of saturation- the area beneath the water table where all pore spaces are filled with water

water table- level below which the ground is saturated with water.

aquiclude-an impermeable body of rock or stratum of sediment that act as a berrier.

Aquifer- a water-saturated sediment or rock whose premeability is so low it cannot transmit any useful amout of water

types of aquifer

sandand gravel, sandstone, limestone and dolomite, or basalt flows

What kind of effects can depleting our groundwater supply cause?


-Groundwater substance

-Lose of water supply


-More energy to dig for water

-Saltwater intrusion

Groundwater Animation
Groundwater, the Hidden Source of life