It's All Greek to Me

Presented by Ms. Walker's 6th Grade Class

Our special performances are coming soon to a classroom near you...

What would happen if Zeus lost his thunderbolts and the bad guys from all of the Greek myths found them? Come visit our class to see this year's performance of "It's All Greek to Me," as we travel to Mount Olympus, descend into Hades' lair, and frolic with Echo and her nymphs in the forest.

Performance Times

A variety of times to suit your schedules (I hope)

Thursday, May 29




Friday, May 30



1:55-2:32-cancelled due to SMILES picnic

Please let me know if and when you are planning on attending so that I can save a few seats for you. There will be one to two other classes viewing the performances. Check in with the office before coming to the classroom. See you then! Make sure you click on the links above or below to RSVP. Thanks!