Jay Gatsby

By: Bradey Shaw

Bio poem


Rich, Determined, Hopeful, Classy

Son of Henry C. Gatz

Lover of Daisy, Money, Parties

Who feels Happy when with Daisy, Sad when looking at the green light, Anger at himself for not having Daisy

Who needs More friends that care about him, love from Daisy, To get out of the house more

Who gives love to Daisy, parties to random people, drunk ladies new dresses

who fears never seeing Daisy again, people finding out the truth, that he can not bring back the past

who would like to see Daisy marry him instead of Tom, himself become better friends with Nick, himself spend more time with Daisy

Resident of West Egg, New York


Symbol #1

I chose this picture of money because Gatsby is rich and he lets people know it. Money made Gatsby he has been trying his whole life to get the attention of people and Money is how he did it. Money is the reason that he lost Daisy in the first place. So he got rich because he can now impress Daisy so that she will fall for him again.

Symbol #2

The reason that I have a picture of a mansion is because Gatsby's mansion is more than just a house to him. He could care less what type of house he lives in. the only reason he has a mansion is so that Daisy will be impressed when she comes to one of his parties. Also he pickes a house in that spot because it is directly across the bay from Daisy so he could see the green light at the end of her dock.

"Can't repeat the past?" He cried. "Why of course you can."

The quote I picked for Gatsby is "Can't repeat the past?" he cried. "Why of course you can." The page for this quote is 116. the reason I picked this quote of Gatsby is because basically this is what the whole book is about and this is the entire reason that Gatsby is in the book. This is what Gatsby is trying to do in the whole book. this is basically the story that is being told in the book. Gatsby is trying to bring back the past and be with Daisy just like old times. he thinks that if Daisy tells Tom that she never loved him then things will basically start over and it will be him and Daisy just like it was in the past. That is why Gatsby wants to bring back the past so he can be happy with Daisy.