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January 2023

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Principal's Message

Welcome to the second half of the 2022-2023 school year. We have much to do as we continue to write our success story. I am confident that we will make greater strides and impact during this half of the year.

Here, at the NEW Mount Vernon High School, we value COMMUNITY because we know that children learn best when the significant adults in their lives--parents, teachers, family members and community members--work together to encourage and support them.

Here are three fundamentals that will make our journey that much easier.

  • Be in the know. Keep abreast of what is happening in school. Talk with your child daily about what is happening in their lives, visit the school website and check out the calendar of events.
  • Recognize the power of communication. It is vital for parents and teachers to communicate effectively with one another. Constant communication helps ensure that both schools and homes are responsive to student's unique needs and therefore support children's overall development. Look out for progress reports and report cards. Better yet, sign in to Infinite Campus and monitor your child's attendance and grades. Continuous communication equals continuous improvement for our students.
  • Advocate for students. We must not let our students fail! It is imperative that we remove obstacles and barriers so that it is impossible for them to fail. Remember that "All kids can learn if we do what is necessary to make them learn." Don't get me wrong, students play a role but often times we must assume some of the responsibility until we can teach them how to understand and execute their role. BE DILIGENT IN FINDING OUT WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS AND INFORMING US ABOUT THOSE NEEDS.

Let us be more deliberate in WILLING OUR STUDENTS INTO SUCCESS. Happy New Year!

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Making New Year's Resolutions that Stick

Here are a series of engaging 12-minute stories with actionable tips for keeping true to our New Year's resolutions.

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MVHS: No Place for Hate "A Walk Around the World"

The Beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. To celebrate the vast array of cultural differences that make Mount Vernon High School such a remarkable school community, we will host our first Cultural Expo. The goal of this event is to gain a new understanding for one another's cultures and traditions. Our mission is to combat hate, implicit bias, and prejudices with knowledge, insight, and understanding. Students and Staff will have a table display highlighting their country, culture and/or traditions of engaging information and artifacts.

If you are interested in participating and showcasing your country, culture or traditions...

Please contact our School Liaison: Ms. Hiland (Room 150)


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PTA Monthly Meeting

As we step into the New Year... JOIN US on ZOOM for our PTA meeting.

The evening will be filled with information on upcoming events, new school initiatives and a safe space for us to discuss all things MVHS!!!

REMEMBER:A Strong PTA is an advantage to the success of our children and the community.

Zoom Meeting ID: 940 5922 8043

Password: MVHSPTA

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Parent Involvement Day 2023

JOIN US (in-person) as we come together to collaborate, school and community together to provide a look inside the daily routines, school and community initiatives, workshops, support groups and more!

Save the Date: Monday February 13, 2023

Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Mount Vernon High School

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