basketball BY RENARD AVERY

Score !!!!!!!!! :)


The career I chose was basketball

The cluster of a basketball player is arts

I chose this job because I like watching it , its enjoyable to play , you also get exercise

Training and education

Degree you need to be a basketball player bachelor degree

Work Enviorment

You work indoors

You also work in a area

What you have to wear is basketball jersey, basketball shorts and gym shoes

You also work with group work

Also you will have to travel on a bus or a air plane

Job description

I will earn 20000000

JOb Outlook

The job opportunities are this job want be needed and the future because after basketball I will be a baker.

The responsibilities are be on time, make it to meetings and be a leader


Yes I still have interest in this career because you can make millions of dollars and you work to gather.
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