Best Practices: Getting Organized

Okay you are now officially a virtual school student, hooray!!! You have six classes, school starts tomorrow, piece of cake right?

Not so fast. What is your plan? How will you get all your assignments completed in each class every day, every week? What will you do on Monday? What time will you start school? What classes will you work in? When will you stop working? What will you do on Tuesday? Wednesday? Do you see where I am going with this?

Where will you do your school work? Your bedroom? What are some possible distractions you might encounter throughout the day that would prevent you from doing your work?

Check out this video of a virtual school newbie that did not consider these questions:

What went wrong here? No plan, no schedule, unorganized, distracted, need I go on?

We know by experience that this approach to the demands of full time virtual school simply does not work and leads to the student getting behind in his classes and failing to learn the content required to pass his classes.

So let's get this guy organized. Loud music? Gone. Minecraft? Closed. Schedule? Made one. Notebook, pen, paper, supplies? Got some. Serious approach to school? Yep.

Look at this fine young student now:

The lesson here? GET ORGANIZED! Make a daily/weekly schedule. Have a plan. Have a work space that is free from distractions. This is school, your education, on your terms, MAKE IT WORK! At the end of your school day you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you have completed the work that was due that day. If you need help getting organized or coming up with a schedule, reach out to your teachers, they are ready to help you.