Rose office

By Emily

Rose office

In Morocco there is a rose company, they have a website that provides information about distiling, the variety of roses, rose oil, growing and cultivation and harvesting.


They use large stills to extract the rose oil, the rose oil is then put into a condensing apparatus, then the rose oil is mixed with the rose water and the final product is put in a flask. 20% of the rose water is actually rose oil, the colour of the product is olive green.

Varities of roses

There is 5000 different types of roses, only three types of roses have the correct fragrance for the rose products, the majoir species of roses are Rossa, Damasina and Damask.

The uses for rose oil

There is many uses for rose oil it can be used for perfume, soap and rose water. The rose oil is then taken taken to be sold at shops.

Growing, cultivation and harvesting

The roses are grown in parallel ditches.The rose must be in a specific climate for them to grow which means they must be planted at a correct time. The reason these items are so expensive is because of the labor, the roses are in hedges so they can be picked.