Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 6th November, 2015

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Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Understanding of scientific knowledge is consistently evolving and has an impact of people's lives.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • CAUSATION - What leads to advances in science?

  • FUNCTION - What is the role of technology in science?

  • RESPONSIBILITY - What are the ethical dilemmas associated with scientific research?

We are now well underway with our second unit and the children have now taken part in a number of discussions and provocations in their classes - from Fair Trade to child labour to the labelling of food. Next week, we have a lot of exciting experiments planned. Some may even like to go on to investigate something at home linked to what they learnt at school.


Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the four number operations. We will be working on developing different mental strategies and moving on to different written techniques for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will continue working in our flexible groups within our classes.


Each class will be looking at the following writing genres over the next few weeks - non-chronological reports, explanations and scientific write ups. These link really well with our current unit of inquiry. If the children read any interesting and current reports, that link to the production of food, food ethics or food technology, please encourage them to bring them into school.

Diwali celebrations at Kennedy school

Firstly, we would like to say a very big thank you to all the wonderful parents who gave up their time to come into school yesterday and share with us their customs and celebrations at this very special time of year. We were astounded by the talented dancers that performed and enjoyed listening to the story of the Hindu Gods.

Back in the classrooms, we were lucky enough to paint and decorate a Diwali diya and explore some of the patterns of Rangoli art. We also got to taste some yummy samosas.

Happy Diwali for November 11th to all our Indian families!

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PSE Connections within our unit of inquiry:

Blood Brothers Workshop:

Year 6 were very fortunate on Tuesday to spend time with Mrs. Flickie. We explored different stereotypes and worked on using our body through gestures and facial expressions to convey meaning. We are very much looking forward to watching the show to see how these aspects of drama are linked to the characters on the stage.

Mandala Art

We have recently completed an art project in conjunction with Standard Chartered. As this is a charity event, for every art piece entered, a donation of $25 was donated to the "Seeing is Believing' fund. This makes a grand total of $22500 from Kennedy School. The Year 6 focus was Mandala and we had a lot of fun designing and then painting our discs.

All of this art work will be displayed at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2015 in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay on November the 14th and 15th.

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General Notices;

  • Please remember to send your child’s immunisation form back to your class teacher. It is important to do this, even if you are choosing not to have the injections. The deadline is November 13th.

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

  • There is still time for you to send in a 'Box of Hope!' The current count for Year 6 is 98 boxes - still a long way to go until we reach our target of one from every child. If you have not already done this, you still have time as the due date has been extended until next Wednesday.

Important Dates:

13th November - West Island Year 8 show

19th November- 6D class assembly

20th November - Masarang talks

26th November- 6S class assembly.

27th November - Blood Brothers theatre trip

30th November - Year 6 parent consultations with Chinese teachers

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