Walk With Rangers


The future of wildlife conservation?

a mission to save Africa's wildlife

Raabia Hawa is an Honorary Warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service, and a dedicated conservationist. In June, Raabia will embark on a 350km walk in an effort to raise awareness on poaching and the loss of species. The walk also aims to raise funds for critical projects in both Kenya and Tanzania to save and protect the remaining wild ones. Her walk will begin in Tanzania and go right through to Kenya to highlight the cross-border trafficking of ivory and other wildlife products. The walk also aims to raise funds for conservation projects in various fields from anti-poaching patrols, wildlife census and awareness campaigns in Asia.



Buy mileage!

You can now support the Walk With Rangers by purchasing your very own kilometre! Raabia Hawa will send you one high resolution photograph that you can print and frame, right from the wilds of Africa from the section of the route you sponsor!

For $100 you get to support 1km of Raabia's walk. This amount will be fed directly into the projects supported by the walk.

Donations can be made payable via paypal through the website www.walkwithrangers.com

walk in her shoes!

How many steps will you take for Africa's wildlife?
Raabia will walk using a pedometer to accurately count each step. You can now pledge $1 per step and help her win the fight against poachers through critical projects on the ground.
She is a little displeased at our idea of awarding blister points but we will find a way around this one too so stay tuned!

conservation is fashionable!

Now your gifts and personal glamour can support conservation!

With every purchase of a handmade piece by Raabia Hawa, 80% of all profits goes fully into the conservation projects mentioned here via George's Legacy Fund.

Get yours today!

Focus on lions

A lion census in Kenya's coastal forest region will establish data on a previously never documented population of lion in the country. Partial funds will be directed towards the launch of the coastal lions of Kenya project. Also, in recognising the challenges faced by communties in Human Wildlife Conflict zones, the Walk With Rangers will support predator proof livestock sheds for communities.

focus on elephants

In recognizing the urgency of the situation, Walk With Rangers, set up to collect funds for disbursal to projects, will now work collaboratively to set up at least 2 mobile veterinary and emergency response units.

These will be a “curative” measure to the poaching crisis that has gripped the region and it is my hope that it will save the few precious elephants that can be saved. Tanzanian elephants are in tragic times, with pregnant females comprising a majority of the poaching victims, 2 generations are being lost every day. We simply cannot afford as a region to lose any more, especially if we can prevent it from happening.

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