Hello Fall!!!

Fall Launch is here

Our Holiday Line Has Arrived

I attended our annual training and Fall/Holiday launch on Saturday. Boy am I excited about our Holiday Line! The scents and texture or the lotions and body wash are perfect, the colors of the eye shadow pallet are incredible. The mini baby line, I'm so excited for with all the travel this holiday season because while I don't have "babies" we use every product in the line regularly especially the diaper rash cream for eczema, sunburn relief, acne spot treatment on my teenage son, bug bite relief and road rash from football.

Interested in playing with any of these products let me know, I would love to bring them to you to try out. Interested in purchasing them, let me know all holiday line products are released on September 1, 2015.

These sets come in already adorable boxes so wrapping isn't necessary, I am planning on buying them for gift exchanges, holiday parties for the host and hostess' such a simple fun and pure and safe gift for our loved ones.

September orders of $150 or more will have the option to order an adorable stocking stocked with minis from the holiday line.

Healthy Living Group

I have a new 30 days to healthy living Group starting on Tuesday Septmeber 8th. So get that final drink food and friends weekend of the summer in and lets get ready for those holidays! We will be joining the group this time around again as well! Lets do this together! There will be prizes as well at the end. I have a few more spots available contact me to place orders there's still time!