The 3 little rats

Alahnna McClaire block1


Once upon a time, there were 3 little rats. Tina, Kelly,and Amanda they were all sisters.But also had to place to live. So,one morning the 3 rats went out to look for food. They found a big house so they decided to go inside. As, they walked to find a door Tinas stomach started to rumble. "how much longer guys I'm starving." cried Tina. "Oh Tina I think we found the kitchen." Kelly said hungrily. As they walked into the kitchen they had seen lots of food. They climbed on the counters and took a piece of cheese. "Tina you must really be hungry."Amanda said surprisingly . As they continued to eat their cheese they heard something. "did you guys hear that?" Kelly questioned. "I think its your imagination." Tina laughed. Until , a few moments later they heard they had seen a black cat....

Rising action

They ran behind the napkins and cried "whatever you do, do not run" Amanda commanded. As they were standing there Kelly ran and the cat jumped up and grabbed her. "A-HH" screamed Kelly "Some one help."

Falling Action & Resolution

Amanda and Tina went to save their sister and had to face the cat "Please were sorry we were just looking for food." Tina cried. "Well, if you were just looking for food you should have asked and if you dont ask and just take its called stealing." exclaimed the cat as he let Kelly free. "im sorry if i scared you, take as much cheese as you can." "thank you sir we really appreciate it." the 3 rats thanked the cat for all he has done to help them and walked off with their cheese.

-And they all lived happily

ever after.